Auto service and repair workshops

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Our values

  • Meeting your needs

    A broad range of free value-added services!

     Our auto experts will do everything in their power to make your life easier. For example, most will drive you home or to work, or will hand you the keys to a courtesy car so you don’t have to wait at the repair shop while work is being done on your car.

  • Building long-term relationships!

    Diligent follow-up with customers

    Each repair shop offers its customers a follow-up or reminder service to ensure that your car is always roadworthy and runs worry-free year after year.

  • Welcome!

    Inviting, well-appointed environment

    Every Uni-Pro repair shop has a clean, comfortable waiting area with a number of amenities so you can relax in peace while we take care of your car!

  • Trust is earned!

    Unequalled customer experience

    It is good to know that your car is in the hands of seasoned auto experts who understand your needs. What’s more,
    Uni-Pro is committed to treating not only your car, but also YOU with the utmost care and respect! And that is why we have such a good reputation in the industry.